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Renovating The Foundry

It's been a journey! Lots of hard work to transform the building into what we envisage The Foundry to be. Lots of people to thank for their time, effort and advice - you all know who you are! Thanks a million from all of us - to Kyle C, Gerry McC, Sally K, Redin D (The Forresters), Luke F (Limping Fox), Henry A (The Gentlemen Baristas), Nick C (Vantage), Danny M & Martin (Yes Chef), Dan (La Rosetta), Dennis S (Liberty Wines), Janine S, David B, Chris W (Warner Home Improvements), Laurent T (Thames Ditton Bakery), Nigel (Gildon Construction), Dan (from Transgas), Tony H (Tony Harris Photography), Rod H (Dixon Ward), Simon N (Dougal Inns), Avis (!), Nelu, Paul E & John M (logos & signs), Marek & Kristoff (dziękuję!) - we couldn't have done it without you.

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